10 Fitness Clothes And Shoes To Bring Style To Your Workouts

The problem with most fitness clothes and shoes is that they lack style. Well, not these ones from Allbirds.

1. Men’s TrinoXO™ Tee

Fitness clothes are supposed to be light and soft to the touch. This may look like an ordinary t-shirt, but it’s probably the most comfortable t-shirt you’ll wear. It is made from revolutionary materials and it can also revolutionize your workouts.

2. Women’s TrinoXO™ Tee

The TrinoXO™ Tee also comes in a version specially designed for women. This is a soft and breezy t-shirt that has the added benefit of being resistant to odor. So even if you wear it for a tough workout, you’ll still smell fresh.

3. Men’s Tree Dashers

Are you tired of the same old running shoes? Then get something different. The Tree Dasher is a unique running shoe that is made with lightweight and breathable materials. It also has a SweetFoam midsole for stability to energy return.

4. Men’s Wool Dasher Mizzles

Don’t let the rain stop you from taking your daily run. You just need a good pair of shoes that can keep your feet dry and warm. This pair is made with ZQ merino wool, a naturally water-resistant material.

5. Men’s Wool Jumper

You can think of this as a classic sweater reinvented for the 21st century. It is designed for everyday wear. Once you’ve used it, it will be your go-to sweater. It’s made with super soft and cozy ZQ merino wool.

6. Women's Wool Runner-up Mizzles

If you’re looking for a high-top running shoe that will look good on and off the court, then you should add this pair to your collection. It has a water-repellant shield to keep your feet warm and dry.

7. Women's Tree Toppers

This is another pair of high-top shoes that also doubles as casual kicks. It’s cool to the feet thanks to the fact that it is made with natural eucalyptus tree fibers.

8. Women's Wool Jumper

At times when you feel a little warmth, then you should have a sweater like this wool jumper. It’s made with ZQ merino wool, a material that is super soft but still very cozy.

9. Women's Wool Pipers

This pair is soft enough to be worn every day yet it’s tough enough to be used for your workouts. It offers the perfect blend of simplicity and versatility.

10. Women's Trino™ Puffer

If the weather is cold but you still need to get active, make sure you’re protected from the elements with this puffer jacket.

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