Facial Skin Care Set: The Must-have Products To Fight Acne

Acne-prone skin manifests itself especially during adolescence, however, there are adult women who continue to have this problem despite the passage of time. This type of skin deserves special care because although it is very difficult to cure, it can be controlled. Acne occurs because excess oil in the skin blocks the hair follicles causing the appearance of pimples with pus. This problem is solved through a good diet and the application of specific beauty products for its treatment.

A facial SKINCARE SET for acne cases contains the following beauty products.

-Glycerin facial soap: this product is intended for cleansing the face with acne. Glycerin deeply cleanses the skin without damaging it. The face is then rinsed with cold water.

Astringent facial tonic: this product refreshes and tones acne-prone facial skin. It is applied with cotton wool all over the face, especially on the forehead and nose.

-Moisturizing cream with sunscreen: this product moisturizes the skin. Keep in mind that dehydrated skin tends to produce more oil and generate more acne. Moisturizing cream for acne-prone skin should have a light texture and be oil-free.

-Exfoliating gel: this product is used once a week. The exfoliating gel serves to deeply cleanse the skin. This product removes impurities, blackheads, excess oil, and dead skin cells. The gel should be applied to the skin of the face with circular massages. Leave on for about five minutes and then rinse with warm water.

-Facial mask for acne-prone skin: this product removes oil from the skin. The best masks are those that contain ingredients such as clay, calendula, rosehip, aloe vera, lemon, and green tea. This product is placed on the face and left on for twenty minutes. At the end rinse with lukewarm water.


The acne facial SKINCARE SET should be used for at least six months for successful results.

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