Should You Go Makeup-Free?

Make-up is a way to enhance our features, let us see the potential we have if only we had clear skin and even skin coloring with full coverage foundations. You shouldn’t stop wearing makeup especially if it makes you happy. makeup is an art form, but sometimes, we can overdo art and cover up our already wonderful features. For others, makeup is potentially what’s causing their problems, both skincare and confidence-wise. Try to do a make-up fast, a week or a month at the most. If you’re curious, here are the reasons why.

Skin Care Problems

Sometimes it’s our makeup that’s causing our acne to act up. Some products aren’t very transparent about how they’ll affect you. A lot of them are comedogenic and will clog your pores. Giving your skin time to breathe and recuperate may be the solution. The acne is simply the glaring sign that it needs to breathe as if your skin were yelling at you.

Improved Confidence

Sometimes we cover up our skin problems and pretend they never happened with full coverage foundations. As the saying goes, you “set it and forget it.” But what you don’t know is that when you don’t look like this constantly, all made up and perfect, seemingly without pores and all matte, it messes with your psyche. Once you take that full coverage foundation off along with your contour, do you still feel the same you do while wearing makeup? Do you still have the same opinion of yourself, then?


When you go without make-up, you’re letting your skin breathe, but most importantly, you’re letting it go days and weeks without potentially harmful chemicals, chemicals that it didn’t need in the first place. This allows you to focus more on skincare, moisturization, serums, and vitamins. This will also lessen the effort you put into cleansing and exfoliation. Your skin will adjust and replenish with the lessened cleaning and scrubbing you normally did just to remove the makeup.

Saves You Time

Instead of getting that extra two hours of sleep, you’re frantically rushing and scrambling to get ready for work to feel presentable in front of your peers. Going without make-up saves you so much more time that you can use for prayer, meditation, exercise, and even a book and a glass of coffee. If you aren’t necessarily a fan of these things, then you can take advantage of the extra hours and sleep.

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