Cream: The Beauty Product Par Excellence For The Face

Maintaining a youthful face over time depends on the care we take of our skin. Facial skin is cared for through healthy habits and also with a correct choice of the cosmetic products we use. The most important beauty product in facial care is the CREAM. Each face has a specific skin type, which must be carefully treated to maintain its firmness. The first thing we must do is to know our face perfectly. Then we determine what type of skin we have and from there we take care of it accordingly. The most common skin types are: dry, oily, normal, aged, and sensitive.

Smart care

Once you know what type of facial skin you have, consult a dermatologist for advice on which CREAM To purchase for your specific needs. However, each skin type needs a different CREAM.

– DRY FACIAL SKIN: basically you need a moisturizing CREAM that hydrates your skin 24 hours a day.

-OILY FACIAL SKIN: you need to wash your face with glycerin soap to control excess oil. You should use a light moisturizer that does not contain oil.

-NORMAL FACIAL SKIN: you need a balancing moisturizer to maintain the smoothness of your skin.

-AGING SKIN: you need a basic moisturizer for the day and a nourishing CREAM with antioxidants for the night.

-SENSITIVE FACIAL SKIN: you need a hypoallergenic CREAM to avoid any kind of irritation.


All the creams you use should have sunscreen since the sun’s rays are the most damaging to the skin’s texture. Before buying a cream, prefer those that are organic. They contain natural ingredients that do not harm your skin. Unfortunately many traditional creams contain substances that keep the skin in good condition, but in the long term generate unwanted effects. Avoid creams containing parabens, sodium sulfate, triclosan, phenoxyethanol and synthetic fragrances, among others.

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