8 Jeans You Should Have This Year [2021]

It doesn’t matter who you are, you want to look good in the clothes you buy. More importantly, you want to _feel_ good in the clothes you buy. That said, it can be hard, especially when it comes to different kinds of jeans, to know what are a good pair.

Luckily we’re here to help. We’ve found 8 different types of jeans that you need to get this year. Read on to find out which one you love the most.

1.Ripped Skinny Jeans

Available in “Light Ripped Wash”, “Ripped Black”, “Medium Ripped Wash”, “Grey Wash”, and “Super Light Ripped Wash”. These skinny jeans scream style and coolness for anyone that wears them. Their built-in stretchy material makes them incredibly comfortable as well as flexible for the wearer.

2.Athletic Skinny Jeans

Perfect for literally any occasion out there, these are a must-have for any guy this year. You can get them in “Dark Wash”, “Light Wash”, “Dark Rinse”, “Medium Wash”, “Black”, “Grey Wash”, and “Washed Grey”.

3.Bootcut Jeans

These jeans will have you fill out the more classic silhouette. Rather than the super slimmed look of skinny jeans, the bootcut jeans widen out at the hem for a more classic look. Don’t worry, you’re still going to look killer in them.

4.Straight Jeans

A tried and true classic pair of jeans, these guys are straight from top to bottom giving you complete comfort as well as style all in one.


This one for the ladies. These girls are your go-to for pretty much anything. Made from 94% cotton, they feel amazing and breathe like a dream all while making you look your best no matter the occasion.

6.Curve Love High Rise Mom Jeans

Despite being called “mom jeans”, these sexy jeans can (and should) be worn by any woman out there. Giving your curves some extra love just got a whole lot easier.

7.Curve Love High Rise Super Skinny Ankle Jeans

If you’ve got the junk in the trunk and the curves to match, you are going to LOVE these jeans. Taking comfort and style and merging them together gets you a pair of jeans that supports, accentuates, and fully embraces all your natural curves in all the right ways.

8.Curve Love High Rise Super Skinny Jeans

These jeans have just enough rip, curve-loving, and skinny to them that you are going to be what everyone is looking at in pretty much any situation. Warning, don’t wear if you are someone that doesn’t want to be complimented everywhere you go.

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