9 Pairs Of Shoes To Keep Your Feet Happy

Whether you happen to be looking for casual shoes, flats, or just daily wear, it is a near guarantee that your shoe cabinet will feel a little less empty by welcoming any of the footwear that you know to be practical, sustainable, and super cozy. The right footwear is waiting for you somewhere in the list below.

1.Women's Wool Runners

A weather-ready eco-friendly sneaker made with cozy merino wool and one which is perfect for all those who love it nice and breezy. These shoe’s soft feel and cozy material are part of what makes it so difficult to take off.

2.Women's Tree Runners

An everyday sneaker made with light natural material from a eucalyptus tree and a perfect illustration of a brand’s commitment to sustainability. It is perfect for jogging, walking and making the most of those sunny days.

3.Women’s Tree Breezers

Made of renewable materials and machine washable, this cute pair of ballet flats might just be the perfect fit for your feet.

4.Women’s Tree Loungers

These shoes feel as though they were designed specifically for all those long, lazy summer days based on their breezy feel that is bound to give an extra step to your walk.

5.Women's Wool Dasher Mizzles

The merino wool and the puddle Guard will help keep your feet dry and the no-slip natural grip will help you stay grounded and confident as you carry on exploring.

6.Men’s Wool Loungers

A pair of shoes that is ideal for cooler days and naturally designed to just slip on and go. Minimalist and elegant and perfect for rainy days at home.

7.Men's Tree Skippers

Silky smooth, made from responsibly sourced eucalyptus tree fiber, this a pair of shoes which adaptable to all kinds of weather. With breathable vamp and layer, this is the one shoe you take with you wherever you go.

8.Men’s Wool Pipers

Stylish and versatile, but also a shoe that feels remarkably soft and cozy. Made for daily wear and designed to conform to all of your movements, this will be the shoe that might just be too cozy to take off.

9.Men’s Tree Topper

The eucalyptus fiber used in this shoe’s material highlights its sustainability and lightness as it helps the shoe adjust to your every movement. Perfect for warmer days when all the feet want to do is saunter about.

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