Why You Should Wear Sweatpants Over Lingerie

Sure, feeling sexy and letting your home know that you are the boss with your awesome body is all well and good, but nothing compares to the feeling you get wearing sweatpants. Lingerie is not comfortable, in fact, it sticks to you, and it won’t protect your bare skin from the elements. Even just regular shorts just feels too light and too revealing. Here are a few reasons why you should wear sweatpants instead of lingerie or nightwear.


It’s no secret that hoodies and sweatpants are all about comfort. Most come with thick and warm fabric that will have you swooning when you slip it on. Nothing compares to a pair of warm and fluffy sweatpants that cushions your legs in bed. Just plain old sleepwear won’t get you anything close to that. We challenge you to find warmth in skimpy sleepwear.


Sweatpants aren’t just for home use or for sleeping. In fact, when you wake up whilst wearing sweatpants and remember that you had something from the grocery store you needed to pick up, you can just put a shirt on and leave. You can’t take lingerie outside! You might be able to, but then you’d have a lot of inquisitive stares coming your way!

Stay Fit

Sweatpants allow you to stay fit. You can’t say the same for lingerie. Sure you can wear running shorts to exercise in, but you can’t sleep in them, either. The fabric of running shorts is simply just too slick and somewhat akin to synthetic cotton. Sweatpants just seem to be the only answer. This is one piece of clothing that allows for an active lifestyle and a leisurely one as well.


Sweatpants can be styled in a manner that makes you look effortlessly stylish as if this didn’t take you a few fittings to combine with something else. Go ahead, find a crop top, whether that be a tank or a long-sleeved cropped shirt. Pair your combination with stylish sneakers and pull your sweats above your waist. Effortless.

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